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Causes We Support

We partner with social impact organizations that promote social and economic justice, stronger communities, families, education, health, safety, human rights and sustainability.

By drawing sidebar stories, people who care are able to influence the narratives we live by, educate and engage their community in social action. Sidebars open the door to new possibilities and support for organizations serving causes that matter.

Whether neighborhood safety, addiction recovery, affordable education, housing and healthcare, racial equality and relations, veteran issues, incarceration and re-entry, immigration, gender equality, welfare of children, religious freedom, mental health, right to work, the environment, ordinary experts are passionate about issues that impact their life. Sidebars open the door to change by bringing ordinary experts together with social service providers, nonprofit leaders, educators and policy makers for collective impact.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

NON-profit and NON-governmental organizations

Be known for what you ARE instead of what you’re NOT
Sidebar Stories introduce the world to the work you DO

Ordinary Experts don’t tell a story about what your organization is not. They put your mission in context by telling who you are, and tell why the world needs the work you are doing.

Let the positive difference you make for good as a social impact organization be seen through stories of hope drawn by those you serve. Stand together in the mission you pursue.

How we Support your Organization

Community Engagement

Engage members of your community with visual stories that attract attention and lay a foundation for empathy. Sidebar Stories related to your cause can be posted on your website, printed as original art work, exhibited in common spaces and included in annual reports.

Images can also be tweeted with a short summary text. Because people don’t need to spend time reading or watching a video, stories are more accessible. Because the stories are not told or edited by your staff, the truths and needs expressed in sidebars are convincing and clarify your mission to everyone who sees them.


As current and potential donors hear directly from people you serve, the importance of your work becomes evident. Sidebar stories are authentic while avoiding exploitation of storytellers because sidebars use images that avoid details and they are shared anonymously.

Selected sidebars or a collection of sidebars can be offered as donor incentives or sent with requests for financial support. Interesting, personal and meaningful art work associated with your organization can become a valuable possession for donors that is kept and displayed as an ongoing reminder of your work.

Core Relationships

Drawing sidebars is a good excuse to gather and tell great stories. Storytelling is the path to being seen, finding friends and learning from each other. Sidebar Story workshops are designed as a safe and enjoyable way for us to join hearts and minds.

Story can bring and keep us together. Even long term friends and coworkers report building stronger relationships through structured storytelling.

Differing opinions can divide us when explained by words alone. It’s harder to stand against someone’s life story and even more difficult to fight images that reveal their heart.

Every Sidebar Story drawn by your members related to your cause brings your organization into the larger conversation. Stories that are authentic, easily accessible and told directly by those who know what you do put a human face on your mission and programs.

Host a Sidebar Story Workshop

Sidebar Stories will conduct a storytelling workshop for your organization or a coalition of groups with a common purpose. As the host organization you participate in setting the theme, time and location of the workshop. Be a collaborative leader in addressing your mission. Use sidebar stories printed with the name of your group for fundraising and connecting with your community.

You invite participants, choose a location and provide the food. We do everything else.  Contact Us for details about hosting a Sidebar Story Workshop. Ask how we can assist your organization with workshop cost.

Sponsor a Sidebar Story Workshop

Workshops are free for participants. Workshop costs are covered by sponsoring organizations, grants, donations, fundraising and social enterprise activities related to the stories we tell and draw.

Your business or organization can be associated with causes you believe in. Connect with local residents and see results of your investment in the next collection of sidebar stories.

Contact us to make a charitable gift or discuss becoming a workshop sponsor.