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Tell Your Story
Find Your Tribe
Make Your Mark
Discovering Real Live Truths from Ordinary Experts
Everybody has a Story. Every Story Counts.

What are sidebar sTories?

A SIDEBAR STORY is a personal storyboard that organizes the experience of
ordinary experts into powerful narratives that are

Engaging     +     Authentic      +     Undeniable

Draw the change you want to see by making your own storyboard.
Connect with people who care about things that matter to you.
Contribute to the larger conversation and shift the dominant narrative.
Hear powerful and personal stories from every perspective.


Sidebar Stories humanize and contribute to bigger stories that impact all of us. Sidebars leverage the power of real life, transformative storytelling and original art to create new perspectives on old narratives. Adding your own experience will challenge common assumptions about how we live and what is important.


Authentic, meaningful experience is the foundation of stories that matter. When you live the truth you tell, your story is undeniable. Teach, inspire and convince others by showing them where you’ve been and what you’ve seen. This is your greatest contribution to future generations. It’s also a fast way to make good friends.


Tell a story that dismantles fear, injustice, violence, scarcity and shame. Your story can be the place you find partners in facing your hopes and hurdles.  When we recognize ancient patterns in the tales we tell, acknowledging our differences and common hope, we come to own the redemptive power of stories that bring us together.


Art is the universal language that catches attention and communicates passion. Bypass lengthy divisive words by drawing images that touch the heart directly. Capture the emotion and complexity of truth that needs to be seen, not just heard. Draw others into working with you for the common good through creative expression of what’s possible and what you’ve learned.

Your Story

Ordinary Experts learn things in the school of hard knocks that you can’t learn from a book or lecture. The tests you take are with blood, sweat and tears, not pen and ink. This is what qualifies you to share real life truths that make a difference. Storytelling heals, connects us with each other and opens the door to a new future.

We place your story into the larger conversation about things that matter.  Own your story and draw the next chapter as you hope to see it unfold. Your story will be shared with people who need to know what you’ve learned by living and paying attention to life. Stories are shared anonymously, but the impact is personal. Connecting the dots between our stories creates a new social narrative.

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Sidebar Story workshop

Attend or host your own Sidebar Story workshop where ordinary experts learn how to use the transformative story template for telling and drawing undeniable stories. Make your own storyboard to be shared with policy makers, service providers, donors, educators and other ordinary experts that can make a difference in causes that matter to you.


For Your Cause

Discover how sidebars can generate funds for your nonprofit organization, engage your community and encourage others to join your cause.

People learn best about the good work you do from those who know the need for it. Invite them to tell their own stories in their own voice for their own purpose- without expectation, without exploitation and without exclusion.



CONTRIBUTE to the changes you want to see by supporting the voices of those who know best what is needed and what is possible.

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